On January 31, 2016 we held our first service in the restored sancutary.  In the past three years since the fire, God has blessed Our Redeemer with many hard-working, talented and dedicated individuals - including many active members of the church - who have not merely restored our sanctuary, but made it more beautiful than ever.  We are eternally thankful to these people, and all who have supported our efforts with their time, resources and prayers.  Glory to God!


Honoring the Church calendar and the ideals of the Lutheran Church, we did not hold our official Re-Dedication of the sanctuary until after Easter.  The re-dedication took place on Sunday, April 17.  Thank you to all who came to support the re-dedication, and to the many members who devoted so much time to the effort. 


Below are pictures from the English Service on January 31, 2016 - our first service in the restored sanctuary.